Facebook Onboarding Process

In this article we will take a look at what is the Facebook onboarding process like, as well as the following steps and their requirements.

Facebook is an online social media networking service. It was earlier owned by Facebook, Inc. which is now Meta Platforms or Meta. Meta stands at 27 on the Fortune 500 ranking. Founded in January 2004, Meta is an American multinational technology giant. 

The headquarter of Meta is in California, USA. And as of November 2022, it employed over 76,000 people. Apart from Facebook, Meta offers the following products and services:

  • Instagram
  • Messenger
  • WhatsApp
  • Meta Quest
  • Horizon Worlds
  • Mapillary
  • Workplace

Steps of Facebook employee onboarding process:

Facebook offers a unique onboarding experience to its new hires. The onboarding process enables new employees to get going right away. It is perhaps a secret to employee retention at Facebook.

Let’s explore how Facebook onboards its employees:

Facebook welcome kit and onboarding swag

Facebook greets its new joiners with an exclusive welcome kit and onboarding swag. Certainly, it is a warm gesture to make new hires feel excited and valued. 

The welcome kit contains a phone, a laptop, a backpack, and other gadgets. The onboarding swag includes several cool items such as apparel, notebook covers, posters, etc. 

Onboarding bootcamp

The 6-week bootcamp is a signature program offered to new joiners at Facebook. Therefore, the bootcamp prepares new employees to become part of the culture and workforce. Furthermore, it enables them to work on projects they are passionate about. 

Additionally, it provides access to system information and operations. And lets new employees work with different teams and projects.

The bootcamp allows new employees to explore their potential. Moreover, it helps decide where an employee would fit well and work happily.

Pre-bootcamp preparation

Before the first day, all the required system is put in place. It includes the installation of necessary applications and email and network set-up. Altogether, it is a vital step to enable new joiners to settle in and start working. 

Facebook’s 45-minute rule

Facebook gives its employees the autonomy of independent work early on. It happens way before the orientation begins. Employees work on something productive in the first 45 minutes at the workplace.

The 45-minute rule has been exponential. Therefore, it enables new joiners to make a difference from day one. 

Bootcamp mentors

Mentors are assigned to new hires for expert guidance. They support and assist new joiners throughout the six-week bootcamp. The mentors act as onboarding buddies and help them navigate the workplace norms.

After the bootcamp, the mentors guide the new employees in deciding which team to join. 

Introduction to work culture

Facebook places great importance on company culture and its value. Throughout the six-week program, employees learn the rich organizational legacy and mission. Besides, the company ensures to reinforce its cultural significance to its employees. 

The core values, ethics, and principles are also reflected during the process.

Final thoughts

The onboarding process at Facebook sets the company on par. Facebook welcomes its new joiners with several company swags. Moreover, it offers a unique six-week long onboarding bootcamp. The employees start getting productive on their first day. 

Mentors are assigned to new hires during the bootcamp. Moreover, they learn about various systems and functions and get company culture.

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