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To overcome its onboarding and hiring challenges, Mcdonalds’ came up with the award-winning digital employee experience called McHire. It is a talent-hiring platform that uses AI to create a shorter and quicker engaging candidate experience.

Offboarding Checklist

Employee Offboarding Checklist

Every employee’s journey will eventually come to an end. A standardized employee offboarding process will ensure smooth transition out of the company. Drafting a checklist will make sure no tasks are skipped.

Onboarding Mentor

What is an Onboarding Mentor

An onboarding mentor is a person who partners with the fresh hire during the first three months or more of his joining. His sole responsibility is to provide guidance and support which ultimately lead to the professional development of the employee.

Intern Onboarding

Best Intern Onboarding Practices

Intern onboarding is a process in which interns are well integrated into the company. It is a well-structured plan where interns are briefed about the organization, its culture, mission, and vision.

What is orientation

What is Orientation

What is difference between orientation and onboarding, orientation steps, explanations and recommendations. All in one article.

Employee Onboarding

Definition of Employee Onboarding

Employee onboarding is the first step in the journey of a new hire. In this article let’s explore in detail the employee onboarding process and what it entails.