Employee Onboarding at Oracle Computer Software Company

The new employee onboarding process is the secret for companies to stand out in this overly competitive employee-centric market. Organizations without even thinking twice should be ready to invest their time, money, and efforts in creating and implementing the best process of onboarding they can.

An effective, structured, and efficient onboarding process will set a good first impression and will make the new hire feel more welcome, and comfortable in the new environment. All measures taken for onboarding will help in retaining employees for a longer period of time.

We have indeed deeply studied what is the meaning of the onboarding process, why it is important, its steps, measures processes, and more. But in this article, we will take a sneak peek at how Oracle conducts onboarding for new employees.

About Oracle

An American multinational computer technology corporation, Oracle, was the third-largest software company around the globe by market capitalization and revenue in 2020. It offers a complete enterprise cloud designed to modernize your business to its 400,000 customers.

Oracle Cloud has 42 interconnected geographic regions, which offer a complete suite of Oracle Cloud Applications and more than 100 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services, with another 9 regions planned.

Without any further adieu, let’s dig deeper into how Oracle, the cloud applications and cloud platform, handles its onboarding process.

Oracle’s Onboarding Practices

Big organization means big responsibility. When a company has around 400,000 employees working worldwide, it becomes difficult to make sure that they all feel welcome in the company.

Oracle has unique ways to make its new hires feel welcome and comfortable in their company. Following are some of the practices which Oracle performs in its new employee onboarding process:

In-person sessions

Oracle knows the value of in-person sessions. Therefore they have incorporated it into their onboarding program. Two sessions are held per month where new hires are invited to the regional hub of the company.

An experiment conducted by researchers indicates that shaking hands makes the center of the brain associate with reward. It was further found that negotiators who shook hands were more honest and open.

Oracle also makes sure that a series of communication is shared with the new hires to engage and excite them about their first day. The initial week includes meetings with employees and the teams so that they can make the most of their travel time.

Community building

Once the person sessions are completed, oracle conducts company tours for its new hires and further discusses what other impact can a new hire make.

If the employees are traveling, then an online office tour is set up for them. The purpose of office tours is to equip them with the opportunity to have introductions with employees all over.

Welcoming employees with office tours can give them a glimpse of the company atmosphere which helps them to look their way around. Providing necessary information about the department while giving them a tour can help them understand their part in the company.

Oracle conducts company tours for its new hires and further discusses what other impact can a new hire make.

Session with IT

New hires are assigned to spend a one-hour session with the IT team so they can get acquainted with the tools. We all know how frustrating it is when we are unable to get our work done.

The IT team ensures that new hires get all information related to the software and tools available. When the new hire becomes familiar with the IT team, he can call out to them for help at any point of time.

Human resources and the IT team both play a crucial role in the implementation of the onboarding process. Their roles go hand in hand. If anyone of them is missing then the process will not be completed.

Digital welcome pack

Oracle provides its employee with a digital welcome pack. The pack includes a mug with the new hire’s name, a notebook, a laptop bag, a pen, a water bottle, an adapter, and more.

The main purpose of welcome packs is to make sure that new hires get acquainted with their job role. It gives them vital resources to do their job and ensures that they have a productive first day at work.

A welcome pack also helps communicate the culture of the organization. Moreover, it also shows appreciation and ultimately results in improving performance and reducing turnover.

Oracle offers a digital welcome pack which includes a mug with the new hire's name, a notebook, a laptop bag, a pen, a water bottle, an adapter, and more.

Final Thought

The onboarding process has caught many companies’ eyes. They know how valuable it is and wants to invest in it. Not only do they invest in it but they also make sure to look for ways to improve their process.

Many organizations follow unique practices or steps which make their onboarding stand out from others. We all can learn from Oracle’s onboarding practices and can incorporate their unique ideas wherever possible.

Making these unique efforts will enable companies to achieve the objective of onboarding. This innovative idea can make the implementation of their process smooth and steady.

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