Gain useful knowledge about the onboarding process. Onboarding is very important, as the relationship with the new employee largely depends on it.

The 4Cs of Onboarding

The 4Cs of Onboarding

An organizational relationship expert, Dr. Talya Bauer, came up with the model of 4Cs which allows companies to incorporate key factors into their onboarding process.

Onboarding buddy checklist

Onboarding Buddy Checklist

An onboarding buddy is an employee who is assigned to the new hire to support and guide him in the company. A formal checklist ensures that he performs all tasks and activities in timely manner.

Offboarding Checklist

Employee Offboarding Checklist

Every employee’s journey will eventually come to an end. A standardized employee offboarding process will ensure smooth transition out of the company. Drafting a checklist will make sure no tasks are skipped.

New Manager Onboarding

New Manager Onboarding

The process of integrating a new manager into the company is called new manager onboarding. The purpose of this onboarding is to help him get transitioned into the role as quickly as possible.

what is onboarding software

What is Onboarding Software

Onboarding software is a tool that simplifies and streamlines the employee onboarding process. It digitizes and automates many of the manual steps in the onboarding process.

Onboarding Mentor

What is an Onboarding Mentor

An onboarding mentor is a person who partners with the fresh hire during the first three months or more of his joining. His sole responsibility is to provide guidance and support which ultimately lead to the professional development of the employee.

Employee onboarding in GoCo HR software

Employee Onboarding in GoCo HR Software

The all-in-one HR software solution company,, Inc., was founded in the year 2015 with the mission to help small businesses complete painful, manual, and complicated HR tasks. They believe that their dedicated customer service, flexibility, and unique automation feature can make them different from others.

Transition into a new role.

Transition Into New Role

Organizations should use various strategies to make sure that new employees transition is made successful.

Onboarding Training

Onboarding Training

New hire employee training removes uncertainty, low morale, and confusion on his first day at work. It further helps in get familiar with his job.