What is Google onboarding process like

As we continue to describe the best practices of employee onboarding at the world’s top companies, we can’t leave out Google. Google is one of the most successful brands out there at the moment being worth 1.42 trillion dollars. Back in 2019 Google surpassed the count of 100’000 employees worldwide therefore we are curious – what is the Google onboarding process like.

Does it look fairly similar to any other organization’s onboarding? Is there anything special about it that other companies should take an example for? We decided to find out. Join us in finding out more about what the Google onboarding process is like.

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About Google organization

Google is a multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products. These include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, and software. Google was founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were students at Stanford University. Google is now a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc.

Google’s organizational structure is highly decentralized and matrixed, with a wide variety of departments and cross-functional teams. Google has over 118,000 full-time employees worldwide, with the majority based in the United States. Some of the main subsidiaries of Google include Google Search, Google Cloud, Google Maps, Google Ads, Google Play, and YouTube.

The most highly sought-after employees are those with technical skills, such as software engineers, data scientists, and web developers. It also hires for roles in marketing, sales, finance, and other areas. Google is continuously offering new roles and positions, ranging from entry-level to executive-level roles.

Google stands out as an employer in terms of employee attraction, engagement, and internal company culture by actively investing in its employees. Company offers a variety of perks, such as flexible working hours, generous benefits, and access to innovative technologies. There is also wide range of learning and development opportunities, as well as a strong emphasis on collaboration and innovation. Additionally, Google strives to create a workplace culture that values diversity, inclusion, and respect for all employees.

Google onboarding steps

There are a few simple yet very productive and effective onboarding steps that the Google company follows.

In-person training opportunities

Because Google’s internal operations are closely guarded, frequently mocked, and fanatical, onboarding is crucial. The new hires are called Nooglers and they start off the job experience with an approximately 2 week long training period.

The organizational structure, fundamental technologies, and programming techniques are covered in this training course. Senior engineers also present live talks, lectures and speeches on Google policies and the overall culture.

Company culture introduction

A Google course on the entire organization is crucial. It aids developers in becoming accustomed to the standards and procedures that make Google employees effective. There is only so much we know about Google from the outside whereas the new employees are open to a whole new world of opportunities.

The extensive knowledge library the engineering department has developed is mostly learned by engineers as part of the orientation process. The onboarding’s goal is to provide new hires an overview of the bigger structure and the skills they can use to apply the knowledge throughout their careers. 

job training on google

On the job training

A “starter project” is the initial task given to new software engineers. The assignment is meant to be brief (around two weeks long) and serve as an excellent introduction to a particular topic. The new Nooglers have the chance to prove themselves while still learning the ropes of it all.

The specialization component appears to be less true in practice. Although beginner projects are very low-risk and not at all intimidating.

Mentorship onboarding program

Each Noogler is given a mentor who is successful within the organization and has taken a course on the requirements of a typical new hire. The mentor initially greets them with a smile at the end of their first day. This sort of a relationship will last for about 3 months constantly checking in with the newbies and making sure all is good.

One mentor would usually have a few new employees on their hands. Since they are not with the employees all of the time, this is possible. These mentors are mostly there just in case. So there is always help when you need it but without the added pressure.

onboarding at google

Conclusion – Simple yet effective

You can see that the majority of these onboarding steps on Google’s onboarding checklist are solely concerned with company culture. This is due to the fact that Google is fairly known for being more than your typical business with boring corporate procedures. They say that “people make Google the kind of business it is.”

Therefore it is very important for Google to create an employee friendly company culture to work in every day. Now you know what the Google onboarding process is like.

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