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Mcdonald’s launched McHire, an AI-enabled recruiting assistant to manage its hiring and onboarding more effectively. The purpose of McHire is to provide its candidates with a personalized and human centric experience. It will enable them to have a consistent and fast engagement.

The 4Cs of Onboarding

The 4Cs of Onboarding

An organizational relationship expert, Dr. Talya Bauer, came up with the model of 4Cs which allows companies to incorporate key factors into their onboarding process.

Onboarding buddy checklist

Onboarding Buddy Checklist

An onboarding buddy is an employee who is assigned to the new hire to support and guide him in the company. A formal checklist ensures that he performs all tasks and activities in timely manner.

New Manager Onboarding

New Manager Onboarding

The process of integrating a new manager into the company is called new manager onboarding. The purpose of this onboarding is to help him get transitioned into the role as quickly as possible.

Intern Onboarding

Best Intern Onboarding Practices

Intern onboarding is a process in which interns are well integrated into the company. It is a well-structured plan where interns are briefed about the organization, its culture, mission, and vision.

Google Onboarding Gift

Google Onboarding Gift Ideas

After some research on the Google newby employee gifts and some added as our own ideas, here is the list of what Google onboarding gift ideas could look like in your Noogler future.