Tips & Tricks

Here we collect various non-standard recommendations on how to improve the onboarding process. Here you could also find some recommendations not only for companies, but also for employees.

Implementing the best practices for remote onboarding will ensure smooth onboarding

Remote Onboarding Best Practices

Make your remote onboarding plan successful by creating a plan, appointing a mentor, building a strong relationship, organizing offsite meetings, and prioritizing culture

Communicate Culture

How to communicate Company Culture to New Employee

Culture is referred to as the personality of an organization which is formed by values. Communicate company culture through the use of orientation, meeting with owners, buddy system, sharing culture with candidate and a lot more

Google Onboarding Gift

Google Onboarding Gift Ideas

After some research on the Google newby employee gifts and some added as our own ideas, here is the list of what Google onboarding gift ideas could look like in your Noogler future.