Leveraging Brochure Stands to Attract Talent

Attracting top talent is a priority for any company. After all, a good company is built on amazing employees who know what they are doing and who are inspired to do their best.  With that being said, there are specific techniques that you can use to attract talent to your company. And brochure stands are one of those options.

Brochure display stands can serve as an effective tool in showcasing your company’s culture, values, and benefits to potential employees. However there are things you must consider because any display stand is only effective if you know how to get the best use out of it.

So in this article we will discuss how to strategically use brochure stands to present your company in the best possible light to attract talent.

Use brochures to promote your company culture

First thing’s first, company culture is what many people are taking into consideration these days. More and more employees know that your company culture is a reflection of your business’s values, mission, and work environment. It’s what sets you apart and makes you unique. In the eyes of employees – makes your company desirable. 

Brochures that clearly communicate your company culture can give candidates a feel for what it’s like to work at your organization. 

They can include images of your workspaces, team-building activities, or community involvement events. It could also present testimonials from current employees discussing what they love about working for your company. For example, companies like Zappos use brochures to effectively communicate their fun and customer-centric culture.

For some tips on this subject, see our article How to communicate Company Culture to New Employees.

Brochure display Stands

Always highlight employee benefits

In a competitive job market, a robust employee benefits package can be a deciding factor for potential candidates. After your potential employees have got to know your company culture, surely benefits will be the next appealing thing to look for.

Your brochures can detail the various perks and benefits you offer. Some of the most popular ones are healthcare plans, retirement options, tuition reimbursement, or flexible work hours. 

Don’t forget to mention unique benefits that your company may offer, like pet-friendly offices or wellness programs. For example, Salesforce showcases its comprehensive benefits, which include wellness reimbursement and paid volunteer time off, in its promotional materials. Those immediately spark some interest.

Showcase some actual growth opportunities

Growth is another aspect that many employees are looking for. Especially ones that are ambitious and probably ones that your company is looking for. Career growth and development opportunities are key considerations for prospective employees when choosing a company.

Therefore your brochure can outline the various development opportunities your company offers. Examples of those can be mentorship programs, leadership training, or the chance to work on diverse projects.

It could also highlight stories of employees who have advanced in their careers within the company. Companies like Google and Amazon, for example, highlight the career growth opportunities they offer in their recruitment materials.

Make sure to emphasise a healthy work-life balance

In today’s fast-paced work environment, an employer’s commitment to promoting work-life balance can be a major draw for prospective employees. Even the hardest working employees should still be put in a healthy work-life balance.

In this case your brochures could especially highlight how your company supports work-life balance. This might include flexible working arrangements, generous vacation policies, or family-friendly benefits. Those could be something like parental leave or child care assistance. 

Brochure Stands

Place your brochure stands in a visible space

Placement is crucial when it comes to brochures, because you want people to see them and reach for them themselves. A good space can significantly impact their visibility and reach to potential candidates. By strategically positioning your brochure stands, you can maximize their exposure and effectiveness. Which is every company’s goal.

So here are some of our picks for the best spaces to put brochure stands. 

1. Reception area

The reception area is often the first point of contact for potential candidates. By placing brochure display stands in the reception, you can give candidates an immediate insight into your company culture and benefits. 

For example, technology companies like Apple and Microsoft place brochures in their reception areas. That helps to immediately engage candidates with their innovation-centric culture.

2. Interview rooms

Another great place for brochure stands is an interview room. Including especially brochure display stands in interview rooms can give candidates something to peruse before or after their interviews.

These brochures can provide additional information about your company, alleviating some interview anxieties and prompting further discussion during the interview itself. Companies like Accenture use this strategy to reinforce their commitment to diversity and career growth.

3. Cafeteria

If potential candidates are given a tour of your workspace, the cafeteria can be a good location for a brochure stand. This not only captures the attention of visiting candidates, but also provides an opportunity for current employees to stay updated with company information. 

To give you an example, companies such as Google, are known for their vibrant workspace. They make use of cafeteria brochure stands to highlight their unique perks and employee success stories.

4. Company events or job fairs

If your office hosts events open to the public or participates in job fairs, ensure your brochure stands are prominently displayed. These events can draw a lot of potential candidates. As a result, your brochure display stands can help attract their attention. 

LinkedIn, for instance, effectively uses brochure stands at networking events to highlight their collaborative culture. You simply need to think of what values your company brings in, the rest will follow.

By thoughtfully placing your brochure stands, you can ensure that they catch the eye of potential candidates. Remember that the goal is to create a positive impression that stays with them long after they leave your premises.

In conclusion – brochure stands can be very effective

Brochure stands, when used strategically, can be a powerful tool in attracting top talent. By effectively showcasing your company culture and all the benefits, you can paint a compelling picture of what it’s like to be a part of your organization. 

This can give you an edge in the competitive recruitment landscape, helping to attract and retain the best talent in the market.

And that is what we hope you achieve!

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