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To look at examples of onboarding processes at some of the world’s best companies, we cannot leave out Amazon, one of the world’s leading online retail platforms. It is a great example both from an e-commerce perspective and from the perspective of a large-scale logistics company.

Ranked 2nd on Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies, Amazon is an American multinational giant with Headquarters in Seattle, Washington, and Arlington, Virginia, U.S. It largely focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. The Amazon onboarding process has to be quite well thought out.

Founded in July 1994, Amazon has an enormous employee base of 1,608,000 as of December 2021. In this article we have put together the Amazon onboarding process and what it includes.

In this article, we’ve gathered information on:

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Amazon organization

Amazon is a global e-commerce and technology company based in Seattle, Washington. It was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos and has become the world’s largest online retailer, with a presence in over 15 countries. As of 2021, Amazon had a total of 1.3 million employees worldwide.

The most popular positions that Amazon is looking for include software engineers, data scientists, software development engineers, data analysts, product managers, marketing managers, customer service representatives, and finance professionals. Amazon also offers a range of entry-level positions, including warehouse workers, truck drivers, and customer service associates.

Amazon operates in the following domains:

  • Amazon Store: A wide array of online and physical convenient stores offer the global customer a grandeur of product selection.
  • Devices and Services: Provide customers ease of living and enjoyment through devices and services like Alexa, Fire TV, Fire Tablets, and more.
  • Amazon Web Service: The world’s most broadly adopted cloud platform; AWS offers over 200 featured services through global data centers.
  • Delivery and Logistics: Known to reach the most unique and remote locations, Amazon is the Earth’s most customer-centric company.
  • Entertainment: Creation and provision of unparalleled entertainment services through Amazon Originals, Prime Video, Audible, Twitch, Amazon Music, and more.  
amazon delivery onboarding process

Main Elements of the Amazon Onboarding Process

Let’s explore what the employee onboarding process at the gigantic Amazon looks like.  

1. Pre-employment Onboarding

Onboarding at Amazon starts way before a new hire enters the office. It initiates the process through pre-employment onboarding. 

The new joiners are provided with email access, employee credentials, and necessary documentation. The purpose of this important step is to enable new employees to start work and utilize their time.

2. Self-Driven Onboarding

Usually, onboarding is run by HR or the relevant team lead of the new hire. However, onboarding at Amazon is a self-guided process. The new joiners lead their way through an array of instructions provided in advance.  

The instructions come in the form of a template filled by the managers. It contains all the vital information about the position, team members, and subsequent deliverables. 

The guide is a comprehensive document and supports the employee through the initial week and a couple of months to follow. 

3. Amazon Learning Portal

The pre-provided onboarding template also contains details and access to the learning portal.

The new hire familiarize themselves with the important training material. The portal has a range of videos, blogs, talks, quizzes, and step-by-step guidebooks

employee beginning work at amazon

4. Getting Through the Fast-paced Process

Life and work at Amazon are fast-paced and your manager may have only a fraction of time to offer. However, a new joiner will have to catch up on the training material and speed up self-learning.

Spend more time with peers and ask relevant questions to get ahead in your new job. Managers and team leads are approachable and ensure weekly personal check-ins. 

Final Thoughts

Unlike other organizations, the onboarding process at Amazon is self-guided and self-led. New joiners are provided access to email and documents during the pre-boarding. Upon joining, a detailed template supports them through their onboarding.

It enables the new hires to be independent and get through the process themselves. In the fast-moving environment, employees themselves lead their way forward. Continuous support and open communication from managers and team leads is always present.

Now you know more on what the Amazon onboarding process looks like. To find out about more onboarding ways check out our articles Here’s What Instacart Onboarding Process and What is Google onboarding process like.

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