Does Onboarding Mean I Got The Job

The corporate world involves many complex terms and processes that need to take place. One of them is the recruitment process. Starting a new job can cause a little anxiety and uncertainty about the whole process. Especially if you have a genuine desire to work for a company, have been to an interview and have been invited to the first day of work. Does that mean we are hired?

In this article we will answer your question whether onboarding process means you got the job and in which cases it matters.

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If you want to be sure about what is onboarding, learn more in our article What onboarding means. This process also involves specific onboarding documents that are necessary or recommended by us to ensure a quality onboarding process, which can be quite important for resolving various contentious situations.


Starting new job in a new company

When onboarding a new employee in a new company, the employer must provide the employee with certain legal documents. Those are necessary to comply with the applicable laws and regulations in the US, such as the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Family Medical Leave Act, and the National Labor Relations Act.

As part of the onboarding process, the employee will also receive a copy of the employment contract which includes the terms and conditions of their employment. This contract must be signed and returned to the employer before the employee can begin work, and could include provisions such as salary, benefits, and job duties.

In this case, if you have started the onboarding process, you can be considered to have got a job, because you can be present at the workplace and carry out your work tasks if you have an employment contract.

The steps of the onboarding process are usually one of the first tasks of the job. These are tasks that the employer asks you to carry out in order to get a better and more complete understanding of the company’s structure, your new colleagues and to familiarise yourself with the work tasks to be carried out. These are activities that the employer should already be paying you for under your contract of employment.

Of course, there may be occasions when some of these tasks are assigned as homework before the first day of work. For example, when your employer sends you an email with a presentation that you need to familiarise yourself with before your first day of work.
In this case, it would be advisable to complete this assignment if you want to better integrate into the work team and develop your career.

Starting new position in the same company

Typically for new position onboarding happens right after you’ve got the job in a new position. If you’ve changed workplaces or simply gotten a role in a new position, it is pretty common to experience onboarding. In that case the short answer is yes, you have got the job. 

The onboarding process involves a variety of steps, from the job offer to team training. The length of onboarding might range from a few weeks to a year. Although the best onboarding often lasts for at least a few months. 

When the onboarding process is finished, employees should feel competent and confident to do your job. That being said though, the whole process of being during onboarding, you have been hired already. 

Onboarding isn’t a promise for the job

While onboarding does mean that you have taken up a new job, it can not always mean that your job position is promised to you. What we mean by this is that you can’t relax just yet. After getting  a job, onboarding is your time to prove yourself. You have got to do everything you can to leave a good impression on your coworkers and the boss themselves.

Many companies require a try-out period of time when the new employees are being tested. It can be a month up to a few months of time. Usually in that time you get paid slightly less than you regularly would be. 

This all depends on the location your work is at, what kind of work world you are into and, of course, the culture. All of these things may vary. Either way it is important to remember that simply getting to the process of onboarding does not mean you can’t be fired. So keep working hard and proving yourself.

Since you’ve made it all the way to the end of our article, you now for sure know that the onboarding process is not a job guarantee just yet. Check out our article Best onboarding memes, the whole thing will feel very relatable.

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Yes, if you have started the onboarding process, it can be considered that you have got the job. This is because you are already present at the workplace and can carry out your work tasks if you have an employment contract.

For a new job in a new company, the onboarding process includes providing the employee with legal documents to comply with US laws, signing an employment contract, and participating in activities to familiarize yourself with the company and work tasks.

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Does Onboarding Mean I Got The Job

In this article we will answer your question whether onboarding means you got the job and in which cases it matters.