Google Onboarding Gift Ideas

Google is one of the biggest tech organizations in the whole world. With over 100’000 employees the brand is known for an especially amazing onboarding process. One of the perks of working for Google is getting a cool Google onboarding gift.

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After some research on the Google newby employee gifts and some added as our own ideas, here is the list of what Google onboarding gift ideas could look like in your Noogler future.

A Google Laptop Sleeve

When you begin working at Google, about a month after you’ve worked there you will receive some of the onboarding gifts. One of them could be a Google Laptop Sleeve which is also seen in the main photo of this article.

Laptops nowadays are everybody’s greatest asset in daily office work, especially when you work for such a tech company as Google. Therefore you will receive a classic Google merchandise Laptop Sleeve with a logo. The best part about it is that nobody else can purchase it – only Google members aka Nooglers.

Google Store Gift Card

Another Google onboarding gift that we think should be given, is the Google Store gift card. Google has their own tech store that sells gadgets as earbuds, phones, smart home devices and laptops. And while all of these are expensive gifts, gift cards would be a great way to encourage the employees to choose Google products in the future.

The gift amount should not be huge however it should have quite a long expiration date so your employees have the chance to use them when needed. However some products such as home speakers or earbuds often can cost as little as 50 bucks. That amount of gift cards is totally doable.

Google Onboarding Gift ideas

A Colorful Set of 2 Notebooks

A Google onboarding gift that is guaranteed as seen in the main photo of the article, are 2 colorful notebooks. Even though most of the writing these days happens on laptops and computers, writing just isn’t the same as on paper. Google also knows that therefore you will receive 2 notebooks to scribble your thoughts and ideas on.

It is always good to have paper next to you. At times it will be easier to carry a notebook with you everywhere you go. While technology is amazing, we cannot rely on it at all times. For those occasions when carrying your laptop on a meeting will seem too heavy, your notebook will be your best friend.

Google Smart Home Speaker

One of the tech gadgets Google is known for are the smart speakers. Everybody knows the classic Hey Google line. So a great gift idea for your new employees at Google could be one of these smart home speakers.

They aren’t too expensive for it to be too big of a gift for a new employee. And once again it will both promote the brand and make employees feel more connected to it. Besides, it is a fun and pretty amazing home gadget to own and show off to your friends and family members when they’re visiting.

Google Onboarding Gift speaker

Black Metal Pen

If you already have the notebooks then a good pen is only a must have. Google, of course, knows that therefore another gift you will receive in your gift bundle is a metal pen in black. It is classic and will help you write down some of your new thoughts and ideas.

Pens are one of those things that can be very fancy very fast. Oftentimes we do not invest in our own pens, only if we want to give those to somebody as a gift. With Google it is similar. The pen is quite a fun and definitely useful thing to have at your work desk. At times when somebody will ask you for a pen, you can show off your Google pen and feel like a part of the team.

A Cable Organizer for Desk

Another gift from Google onboarding gift bundle is a cable organizer. Yet again – a very practical gift that will make your working space much more productive and clean. While a lot of things are getting built wireless these days, there are still plenty of cables under the desk.

And cables can get very annoying if there are a lot of them. So a practical cable organizer that comes in a small pouch will be very useful. And of course – it has a Google logo on it as well. A full set of Google goodies.

A Google Mug 

Every office has to have coffee breaks – we don’t make the rules. And Google knows best that coffee or tea breaks are the way to socialize, have a good time and explore new opinions and ideas. Therefore one of the gifts you will get in the Google onboarding gift bundle is a cool, big mug for your coffee breaks.

As seen in the main photo of the article, the mug does look quite big. And, of course, it has a Google logo printed right onto it. For inclusivity and to make the employees feel like a part of the team once again. Because once the onboarding has started, you are officially part of the team.

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