Onboarding Buddy Checklist

Welcoming new employees into the organization can be stressful. The onboarding buddy program can be an excellent way through which organizations can improve their new employee onboarding experience.

Managers and the HR team put in all their efforts to make sure all steps and measures are taken to achieve the objective of the onboarding process. Despite all their efforts, they require help from an onboarding buddy.

An onboarding buddy is highly crucial for the onboarding process. According to research, new hires were 23% more satisfied with the onboarding buddy than to those without buddies. A checklist further is helpful to ensure an onboarding buddy performs all his required duties and responsibilities.

What is an Onboarding buddy checklist

An onboarding buddy is an existing employee who is assigned to the new hire. He has great responsibility on his shoulder. He is required to provide support, guidance, and knowledge about the company culture, policies, processes, and more.  

There is always a possibility that he can miss any step or any important information. For this purpose, a checklist will be very helpful. The onboarding buddy will also have his own tasks. A checklist will keep him on track on what is done and what is left.

Onboarding buddy check list

The HR manager and the department manager should decide who will be the right person for the onboarding buddy assignment. He must be informed beforehand about him being assigned to a new hire. A checklist will help him ensure all his duties and responsibilities are fulfilled and no essential task is skipped.

First day

We all know how vital the first day is for new hires. It is also the right opportunity that the company gets to make a first good impression on the new hire. A buddy can also act as an organization representative and give a warm welcome.

On his first day, the onboarding buddy will meet new hires and introduce himself. He will try to make the new hire feel as comfortable as possible. Once he is settled in this workstation, he will provide him with a tour of the company and then take him out for lunch or coffee.

The buddy’s contact information will also be shared with the new hire. By the end of the day, it is recommended to wind up by conducting a formal meeting so that all his additional questions are answered.

First days for new hires are filled with anxiety. An onboarding buddy can make his day engaging and fun by following the checklist .

First week

The first week is as crucial as day one. The new hire is still new and trying to get hold of all the information related to his job role and organization. All the new data can be overwhelming, and tiring.

The onboarding buddy must take things slow and steady so that he is able to grasp all necessary information. He will then take him to other departments to introduce him and check in with him if he needs any more office supplies. Moreover, he will brief him about his roles, procedures, tools, and software.

He will also further inform him regarding the perks, benefits, organizations wellness programs, and other safety procedures. During all this time, the onboarding buddy will continue to answer all his concerns and queries as and when required.

The first week should be continued with the same spirit as day one.  Support and guidance from onboarding buddy can help new hire quickly become productive at work.

First few months

The onboarding buddy will continue to perform his duties in the first month as well.  All these efforts are necessary as it helps in keeping the new hire engaged and more productive in his work as soon as possible.

According to a Gallup survey, being able to know what is expected from new hires is one of the most important questions. The new hire will get more enlightenment from the onboarding buddy regarding the company’s various methods, working styles, and other related insights.

The buddy will also help new hires socialize with other employees and get familiar with the culture, norms, and unwritten guidelines and will share insights on how things are done in the company. A formal weekly meeting will also be held.

During the first few months, The onboarding will check on the new hire if he requires any further help and will continue to engage with him in an informal manner.

Final thought

Creating and implementing an onboarding buddy program in the organization requires an investment of time, money, and effort.  A good investment in the program will give good results. It is highly essential to hire the most suitable employee for onboarding buddy.

He will not only perform his own tasks but will now have the responsibility of onboarding a buddy on his shoulder as well.  In order to manage well, a checklist specifically designed for onboarding a buddy will help keep good track of all his duties.

The checklist will ensure that no task is missed as all these steps help in making employees feel comfortable in the company which ultimately leads to achieving the purpose of a new employee onboarding process.

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