Restaurant Employee Onboarding Process

This article is about how the restaurant employee onboarding process equips new staff with the necessary skills, tools, and training to get started. The restaurant onboarding process equips new staff with necessary skills, tools, and training to get started.

The first day at a new job brings along excitement and anxiety. A thorough onboarding process ensures that the new joiners feel comfortable and relaxed. New employee onboarding is the formal welcome of a fresh hire in the company. The service industry such as a restaurant involves several steps in its onboarding process.

Steps of a restaurant employee onboarding process

Restaurant employees can best serve their customers when they are engaged with the company’s vision. A structured onboarding process is a key to ensure employee engagement right from the beginning.

Onboarding overview

Provide your new hires with a brief overview of the onboarding process. It is a summary of the onboarding program. It will help new employees understand what to expect in the following days. Share the onboarding overview via email after the offer acceptance.

Complete paperwork

Paperwork involves important employee forms and information. Ensure completion of the mandatory paperwork and documentation. Incomplete paperwork hinders the onboarding process. The onboarding paperwork includes.

  • Employee HR forms
  • Work authorization
  • Taxation information
  • Required permits (if any)

Set up direct deposit

Next step is to set up direct deposit for new joiners for salary transfer. Collect necessary employee data to set up a direct deposit for a smooth payroll process. Direct deposit is a safe, convenient, and faster option than check payments. Your payroll function will inform you about the required information. In most cases direct deposit needs.

  • Employee bank name and address
  • Account number

Access to online systems and tools

A restaurant uses specific online systems for operations. Give the new staff member access to the restaurant management system. Set up a login to your online platforms such as.

  • Point-of-sale (POS)
  • Payroll
  • Staff communication software
  • Staff scheduling software
  • Security system

Communicate history and culture

Communicate your history and legacy with the new staff for long-term engagement. Conduct a thorough discussion to share your company’s vision, values, and culture to your new hires. Ensure that your new employees establish a deep connection with your organizational goals.

This key step will lay the foundation of your company culture. Take a lead from Starbucks which dedicates an entire day in onboarding process to share its legacy.

Job guidelines and policies

Explain in detail the tasks and duties to the new joiners. Outline job responsibilities and restaurant policies to the new hires. Create employee handbooks for each role to document and capture all deliverables and expectations. Here are the important guidelines and policies to communicate.

  • Tasks and accountabilities
  • Dress code
  • Attendance
  • Quality, safety, and hygiene protocols
  • Customer service policy
  • Anti-harassment policy

Staff scheduling policies

Scheduling is the process to set shift and duties of the staff. Staff scheduling process may vary between restaurants. Therefore, provide detailed guidelines to your staff. Design restaurant staff work policies as per labor law of your industry and region.  The scheduling policy must include the following policies.

  • Minimum wage
  • Overtime policy
  • Breaks
  • Shift notice
  • Accepting and swapping shifts
  • Shift lengths

Assign an onboarding buddy

A fresh hire may feel overwhelmed in a new environment. Assign a mentor or a buddy to help them adjust to the company culture and work norms. An onboarding buddy is an experienced employee who helps their new colleague excel in their role.

Conduct mandatory training

Train your new staff well to maintain and sustain quality standards. Quality service is the epitome of a restaurant business. Equip your workforce with all the required skills and tools to perform their best. Mandatory staff training includes three tools.

  • Standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Hygiene and safety
  • Code of conduct

Final thoughts

Create a thorough restaurant onboarding process to set your new staff up for long-term success. Incorporate proper paperwork, provide access to online tools, and communicate company culture, policies, and procedures in detail. Lastly, provide necessary training to maintain quality standards.

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