BCBS Onboarding Process

In this article we will discuss steps of the BSBS onboarding process, employee engagement and benefits what BSBS offers.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBS, BCBSA) is an American health insurance provider. It is ranked 23 on the Fortune list of Best Places to Work in Health Care. BCBS was founded in 1933 and its Headquarters is in Durham, North Carolina.

As of 2020, BCBS employed over 5,000 employees in 6 sites. BCBS provides health insurance services across all 50 states.

BCBS onboarding process and employee engagement

There is not much known about the onboarding process of BCBS. However, a conducive work culture and engagement initiatives are the secret behind employee retention. Take a look at article about New employee onboarding process.

1.The evolving culture

BCBS is proud of its rich organizational culture and history of innovation. It continues to adapt to the ever-evolving American healthcare industry. The company reinforces its employees to identify better ways to work. 

BCBS navigates industrial change together with its people for the collective success of the company and system.


The BCBS has a dedicated Diversity Council. The council helps create an environment to promote diversity and inclusion. It celebrates different cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. 

It enables the company to recognize how diversity enriches the workplace culture.

3.Equal opportunity employer

The BCBS continues to provide engaging careers to potential candidates. It allows individuals to make a significant impact on the organization and its culture.

4.Employee benefits

Blue Cross Blue Shield provides an array of employee benefits. It cares about its people and their well-being. The benefits program is comprehensive and encompasses all important aspects. 

The benefits are one reason to promote employee engagement and retention. Let’s look at various employee benefits offered at BCBS

Physical health

Physical health is necessary for overall well-being. The BCBS encourages its employees to adopt healthy habits and enhance their quality of life. 

The competitive benefits include incentives, healthy eating seminars, and onsite fitness centers. Additionally, it provides corporate discounts on weight loss. Moreover, BCBS provides medical plans to support employees’ dental and vision needs and budgets. 

Financial health

The BCBS offers a wide range of financial wellness programs. These programs enable them to take sane financial decisions. It includes online resources, educational workshops, and discounted financial planning.

Disability insurance

Disability insurance helps employees to deal with unforeseen and unexpected illnesses and injuries.

Life insurance

The BCBS provides different life insurance programs to suit employee budgets.

Business travel insurance

The company provides business travel insurance equal to 2x salary to its employees.

5.General well-being

The BCBS pays high significance to employee work-life balance. It supports the social and emotional aspects of employee lives through the programs below.

  • Work-life balance
    • Paid holiday
    • Military leave
    • Maternity/paternity leave
  • Corporate events and workshops
  • Volunteer programs
  • Parking reimbursement
  • Employee assistance program
  • Pet care

6.Personal and professional development

The BCBS provides several learning and development opportunities. It is committed to creating an environment of professional growth and increased productivity. Moreover, it promotes employee engagement and business results. 

Final thoughts

The Blue Cross Blue Shield is one of the places to work in the healthcare sector. However, its onboarding process is not much known. But we’re certain that the secret of BCBS employee retention lies in its employee benefits programs.

The BCBS provides many employee engagement programs. Those include an evolving culture, a diverse workplace, and physical and financial health benefits. Moreover, promising development opportunities for its employees.

Lastly, hope you found this article helpful. Take a look at our other articles about Does onboarding mean I got the job and Workplace onboarding safety training.

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