Best onboarding memes

Memes are one of the most popular ways to express a certain opinion or a thought about a certain topic. It is one of the very common pop culture expressions on the Internet and many of us simply love sharing memes to our friends and colleagues. If you’re going through onboarding at the moment, then onboarding memes will be very relatable for you.

There are so many different possibilities when it comes to memes. Firstly, everyone can make them. If they’re just good enough, who knows, they might even go viral. 

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Corporate world has a fair share of memes, therefore onboarding memes are nothing new. You might find them very relatable if you’re currently experiencing onboarding in the new workplace. Here are some of our favorites!

Onboarding 101

onboarding work meme

When you’re just starting a new job – first thing’s first, onboarding. It is the most important process that you absolutely have to go through no matter how good you are at your new job. It is a valuable experience that will make settling in a lot easier.

Of course, onboarding as many other things in life does not always go to plan…

Help me

memes about office

You know when they say to lower your expectations because that way you won’t be disappointed? This can be taken into consideration with the process of onboarding as well.

Onboarding in theory is very nice – you expect everything to be explained to you in a slow pace so you can write everything down, memorize… In reality onboarding can be a tad bit stressful, rushed and a lot less than expected.

Can you repeat the part about everything

work office jokes

As mentioned before, onboarding can truly be overwhelming. You might be running around and after your boss or mentor. The most important thing to remember is that every meme holds a little bit of truth in it.

These onboarding memes are right on point. The best advice we can give is to learn how to laugh about you. Nobody will expect you to be able to handle your responsibilities error free for the first day. So do not be afraid to ask questions – better ask twice rather than messing up later along the way.

And beyond

onboarding memes

Onboarding is the start of a new chapter. While many can find it dreadful and scary, many others find it super exciting and fun. For those who love learning and throwing themselves into new adventures, onboarding is the dream.

Just like Buzz Lighyear – from infinity to onboarding and beyond! So many things to see, people to meet and assignments to learn from.

Onboard completed

onboarding memes

Onboarding takes place in every company and organization at some point. New employees have to get prepared for the workplace routine in order to get their work done efficiently and productively. 

For regular workers that have been with the company for years and years, it might be annoying. They just want the onboarding process to be over and done with. Especially if they are the ones providing the whole thing. So try your best to learn fast, however do not try to rush if you still have questions to ask.

Work family

work family

We spend so much time at work that it is hard not becoming friends with somebody. If you’re very lucky you might end up with a great team of colleagues around you who will soon become your friends. 

It all starts with onboarding that you have to get through. Once it is done, you will feel a lot more comfortable and competent in your new job position. Soon enough it will feel like your second family!

Hope you enjoyed these onboarding memes! Got any more? Don’t hesitate to share some!

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