Onboarding gift ideas

Onboarding can be one of the most exciting yet nerve wracking experiences an employee can go through. To make them feel better about the new chapter in life it could be useful to think of getting an onboarding gift.

If you want to read more about what onboarding qualifies as, then check out our article What onboarding means. But essentially it’s when you’ve been hired for a new job and are experiencing settling in the new place. Therefore a good onboarding gift can go a long way.

In this article we have compiled a list of a few ideas for a good onboarding gift that will make your employee feel welcomed. 

Office supplies

Onboarding gift supplies

Coming to work in the office can only mean one thing – office supplies are always a must have. To get your new employee started it could be a nice gesture to give them some office supplies as an onboarding gift.

It can be an elegant pencil holder with some necessities such as a few pens, pencils, a note pad, sticky notes and so on. Anything your new employee might find useful in the beginning of taking on the job. Make sure these supplies are modern, simple yet elegant. These first interactions and gift giving are making the first impressions which can be very important.

Noise canceling headphones

noise canceling headphones

Another useful onboarding gift idea for the office worker could be a set of noise canceling headphones. That is a cool gift that could also symbolize the new beginning of starting your work. While working in the office with a bunch of people, it could be distracting at times to get your work done.

Therefore a set of headphones is a must. Especially at those times when it seems like only the loudest noise surrounds you. Headphones will be a great help that is going to both make your employee feel better and also perform much better at their duties.

Company’s apparel

apparel gift

If the company is producing some clothing or anything else with its apparel on, then some branded gifts could be a good option. It will make your employee feel welcomed and also a part of the team. To be a part of something – what a feeling! And so easily gained, a simple apparel t-shirt can truly go a long way.

Employees that wear company-branded clothing will not only feel more a part of the team and organization, but they will also promote your brand everywhere they go. That is a hidden pro that can be considered as somewhat hidden marketing. Both parties win.

A fun coffee mug

Onboarding gift mug

Everybody needs their mug at the office. One that will make them smile and feel like just theirs to use. You can give your new employee a fun little mug to show them that in this office every morning starts with a cup of coffee first. Only then the work.

Office is truly one of those places where coffee and tea is consumed the most. There is just something so amazing about taking a little work break, pouring yourself some hot coffee and getting inspired at peace. 

It can also be a moment to socialize with your coworkers and discuss some new ideas for upcoming projects. 

Welcoming goodies basket

goodies basket gift

Baskets of goodies are amazing gift choices because they are always nice to receive and not so difficult to gather together. It can be truly filled with anything tasty or useful both around the office or at home.

Since everyone enjoys a little snack break at work, those can be snacks. Those might also be scented candles. Send your new employee a message by a scented candle that you want them to have the opportunity to relax. 

Or maybe give them a gift card instead of a goodie basket, if that is possible. Use your imagination when choosing which restaurants or shops to present your staff gift cards to.

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Hopefully these onboarding gift ideas were useful to you!

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