What is Onboarding Specialist

Onboarding is an important process for any organization. It is the process of integrating new employees into the organization, and it is essential for a successful transition. It involves providing new hires with the necessary information about the company and its culture, as well as introducing them to the organization’s systems, processes, and policies.

The onboarding process is crucial for ensuring that new employees are able to hit the ground running and become productive members of the team as quickly as possible. To ensure that the onboarding process is successful, it is essential to appoint an onboarding specialist who will be responsible for overseeing it.

In this article we will describe the role and responsibilities of the onboarding specialist in HR and onboarding process. Also a bit about what personal qualities would be suitable for this position and what is the approximate salary.

Onboarding specialist roles and responsibilities

The primary responsibility of an onboarding specialist is to ensure that the onboarding process runs smoothly. He is responsible for that new hires are welcomed and assimilated into the organization as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Onboarding specialists responsibilities:

  • Greet New Employees: Welcome and orient new employees, provide information about the organization and job role.
  • Onboarding Documentation: Ensure completion of onboarding paperwork, such as contracts and employment forms.
  • Training: Develop and schedule training courses for new hires.
  • Assignments: Assign tasks and provide direction to new staff.
  • Performance Evaluation: Monitor and evaluate employee onboarding performance.
  • Employee Relations: Foster and maintain good relationships with new staff, resolving any conflicts and issues.
  • Compliance: Ensure compliance with employment laws and regulations.
  • Reporting: Prepare regular reports on onboarding progress and outcomes.
  • Benefits: Explain employee benefits and assist with enrollment.
  • Policies: Communicate and explain company policies and procedures.

All these responsibilities can be included in onboarding specialists job description. It is important also include details of the onboarding process, as well as any specific tasks that the onboarding specialist will be responsible for. Additionally, the job description should include a list of the skills and qualities that the ideal candidate should possess.

Personal qualities suited to Onboarding specialists

The role of an onboarding specialist is an important one. It requires someone who is able to work well in a team and has excellent interpersonal and communication skills. An onboarding specialist needs to be organized, analytical, and have the ability to think strategically.

They should also be able to identify areas where the onboarding process could be improved and take the initiative to make the necessary changes. 

Additionally, they should be able to build relationships quickly and be able to provide support and guidance to new hires.

Employee onboarding specialist

Role in HR department

The rank of an onboarding specialist in an HR department will vary depending on the size and structure of the organization. In some organizations, the onboarding specialist may be a senior role, while in others it may be a junior role.

Generally speaking, an onboarding specialist is a specialist role that typically reports to the HR manager.

Onboarding tasks in small companies

In small companies, the role of onboarding specialist may be taken on by the HR manager or another senior member of the HR team. This person would be responsible for overseeing the onboarding process, as well as providing new hires with the necessary information and resources.

Alternatively, the onboarding process may be managed by a team of people, with each person taking on a specific responsibility.

Managers in small companies often have the responsibility of onboarding new hires. It is important that they are supplied with onboarding guidelines and a checklist to ensure that they are properly orienting the new hire. This helps to create a consistent onboarding experience, while making sure that all necessary information and resources are properly provided.

What is onboarding specialist salary?

The expected salary for an onboarding specialist in the US and UK can vary significantly. It mostly depends on the level of experience, geographical location and industry.

In the United States, the average salary for an onboarding specialist is $50,000 per year. In the United Kingdom, the average salary is approximately £35,000 per year.

Factors that can lead to a greater salary for an onboarding specialist include a higher level of experience, a higher level of education, knowledge of applicable regulations. Also a proven track record of successful onboarding processes implementation or improvement may be significant.

Conversely, smaller salaries for an onboarding specialist are generally seen when the experience level is lower, the geographical location is more rural, and the industry is less competitive.


Onboarding is an important process for any organization, and it is essential to appoint an onboarding specialist who will be responsible for overseeing the process.

However, it is important to remember that the onboarding process is not solely the responsibility of the onboarding specialist. Everyone in the organization should take responsibility for making sure that new employees are welcomed and assimilated into the organization. Therefore all team members related to new hire onboarding should be familiar with onboarding best practices.

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