What is Onboarding Software

Onboarding software is a tool that simplifies and streamlines the employee onboarding process. It digitizes and automates many of the manual steps in the onboarding process, from paperwork to orientation, and ensures new hires have a positive experience joining the company. In this article, we will explore what onboarding software is, why it is important, and how it works.

Why Onboarding Software is Important

Onboarding software is becoming increasingly essential in today’s business environment, where remote work, high employee turnover, and large numbers of employees require efficient and effective onboarding.

Many organizations struggle to manage the onboarding process, leading to a negative employee experience, delays in starting work, and lower productivity levels. That is why making the employee onboarding process digital will make manager document submission and verification, training and orientation, benefits enrollment, and performance management more efficient.

Onboarding software eliminates these challenges by automating and standardizing the onboarding process, resulting in a more efficient, productive, and positive experience for new employees.

Areas Where Onboarding Software is Essential

In today’s age of remote work, onboarding software has become an essential tool for various industries, particularly in the technology and software development sectors. This software enables businesses to onboard new employees smoothly and efficiently, irrespective of their location.

Besides remote work, industries such as retail and hospitality, which often have a high turnover rate, can significantly benefit from onboarding software. A seamless and quick onboarding process can enhance employee retention rates and improve job satisfaction.

Moreover, in industries like manufacturing that have a large workforce, onboarding software can streamline the entire process and simplify it. By automating certain tasks, businesses can save time and resources while ensuring new employees feel welcomed and informed.

Ways Onboarding Software Can Be Automated or Standardized

There are several ways that onboarding software can be automated or standardized:

  1. One way to streamline the onboarding process is by utilizing existing communication and collaboration tools already in place, such as Google Sheets, Slack, Online Training Modules, Calendars, and more. This method can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of onboarding, but it may lack the flexibility and automation capabilities of specialized software.
  2. Alternatively, HR and process management platforms with built-in onboarding features can automate certain aspects of the process, like sending welcome emails and completing paperwork. While these platforms offer a comprehensive solution for managing onboarding, they may have limited customization options compared to dedicated onboarding software.
  3. Dedicated onboarding software can be tailored to meet the unique needs of an organization, standardizing and automating the process to save time, reduce errors, and enhance the overall experience for new employees. With its ability to provide personalized and specific solutions, dedicated software is an ideal choice for organizations looking to optimize their onboarding process.

What Onboarding Software Does

Onboarding software is designed to automate and streamline the onboarding process. It digitizes the paperwork and forms required for new hires, such as W-4s, I-9s, and other tax and legal documents, and provides online forms for employees to complete.

It also allows employers to create customized onboarding checklists, assign tasks, and track progress. Additionally, onboarding software can provide new hires with access to company information, policies, and training modules.

It can also automate reminders and notifications for tasks that need to be completed.


In conclusion, onboarding software is a valuable tool for any organization that wants to simplify and streamline the onboarding process.

By automating and standardizing the process, onboarding software saves time, reduces errors, and improves the overall onboarding experience for new hires.

Whether you choose to use existing software, HR and process management platforms, or specific onboarding software, digitizing the onboarding process is an essential step for any modern organization.

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