Transition Into New Role

Today’s dynamic workplace and hyper-collaborative environment can make it challenging for employees to move to a new organization. This entire process is extremely stressful for employers and new hires.  

Transitioning to the new role is the last phase of the new employee onboarding process. By the time the new hire reaches this phase, it is generally expected that he completed employee preboarding and onboarding training.

Although the new employee was well welcomed into the company, but the process does not stop there. Employers will now take steps to make sure that he is being transitioned into the new role smoothly.

What is the Transition into the new role

In this step, the new hire is gradually integrated into the office culture, job role, and the new team. It is a highly essential step as it helps new hires reach their maximum productivity level.

Both HR and managers work together to develop strategies that ensure that new hire’s growth and improvement are attained. The new hire will now start to become a full-fledged team member from an individual contributor.

Transitioning into the new  is the last phase of the onboarding process. It ensures that new hires gets integrated into the company

Strategies for transitioning into the new role

A pre-planned transition helps in achieving the objective of onboarding. Below mentioned are a few ways which help in the transition into the new role:

Communicate with new hires

It is highly essential for co-workers and managers to constantly communicate with new hires. Effective communication will help solve their various queries. Having open communication will make them feel more comfortable in asking more questions.

This act will also benefit in building their confidence. Their employee morale will boost as they will see that company is making efforts in assisting the transition successfully. It will also help in achieving the objective of onboarding.

Assign an onboarding buddy

An onboarding buddy is a current employee who is matched with the new hire.  He is responsible for providing support and guidance through the entire transition phase. He further ensures to make him aware of the unspoken rules that may exist or how the company strategically thinks.

This is an excellent way of making new hires learn from an experienced co-worker. According to Microsoft survey, new employees become 56% more productive when they are working with onboarding buddy.

Help new hire to adjust

The purpose of transitioning an employee into a new role is to help him adjust to the new working environment. This help can lead to higher satisfaction and productivity. They will feel delighted that they made the right decision by accepting the offer.

The act of helping is always a collective effort from the manager, HR, team members, and onboarding buddy. They are responsible for guiding new hires along the way. Help him know the company, people, culture, and job role.

A well planned transition helps in achieving the purpose of  process of new employee onboarding. A new hire will more likely to stay longer with the organization

Transition slowly

New hires were receiving a lot of information from human resources and departmental managers at the same time. All these data is overwhelming for them. It is possible that they are not able to cope with transition phase.

By transitioning slowly, this phase becomes lighter, and they will feel less stressed. This will also give an opportunity for the manager to see whether the new hires are willing to put in an effort. Employer should also gather feedback from them.

Create a road map

One thing that helps new hire transition successfully is creating the perfect road map for the new hire. It is an outline of what will happen in the first 30 to 90 days. The roadmap act as a guideline for new hires on what is expected in the journey.

This step-by-step plan can make their initial days anxiety free. It will also allow them to effectively multitask time. With the help of a roadmap, they can simply prioritize tasks and become more productive in their work.

Celebrate their early wins

By this time the new hires must have started to perform. The transition step is the right time to celebrate their early wins no matter how small or big it is. New hires go through a lot when they join the company.

They have to face a new environment, learn about the company, attend numerous training session, and more. Their initial months are exhausting. Thus, a celebration of performance can help them continue their positive momentum.

Final thought

Taking out time to ensure that the transition phase is executed efficiently can help new hires quickly more valuable at work. This can only happen if they are guided and supported all the way.

It is also important not to overcomplicate the process. Keeping it simple can help in achieving the purpose of an effective transition.

Successfully transition of new employee into his new role with not only help him but also the department manager. It will make sure that new hires stay longer with the company.

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