LuLaRoe Onboarding Process for Consultants

In this article, we will discuss the essential components of the LuLaRoe onboarding process and how it can help new consultants make a smooth transition into their new business venture.

Launching a successful business as a LuLaRoe Consultant requires more than just a great product and an entrepreneurial spirit.

LuLaRoe is a USA-based multi-level marketing company. It deals in women’s apparel. It was founded in the year 2012. Its headquarter is in Corona, California. Accordingly, it hires independent distributors or ‘fashion consultants’ to sell its products. As of 2017, approximately 80,000 people worked for LuLaroe as independent distributors.

Onboarding of consultants at LuLaRoe

A successful onboarding process can help ensure that new consultants are well-equipped with the knowledge, resources, and support they need to succeed. By following these steps will help you get started as an independent fashion consultant at LuLaRoe. Take a look at Meaning of Onboarding process.

Sign up

LulaRoe requires filling out an online sign-up form as an initial step. The team at LuLaRoe calls the applicants within one week. Further the new retailers are put on the waiting list or ‘queue’. Also the ‘queue’ time is usually between 6-8 weeks. 

Lastly, after the queue time, consultants are formally taken on board.

LuLaRoe shopping

Training during queue time

While the consultants are in the queue they go through initial training. It involves several activities and guidelines such as the following.

  • Training videos
  • Business page set up
  • Creation of a Facebook group
  • Personal branding as a LuLaRoe Consultant
  • Purchase advice on tools and resources

Queue time assignments

The fashion consultants are given a few assignments to complete. Generally, these tasks are important to start their journey as a retailer. However they may be asked to do some of the following things.

  • Prepare a list of 50 names
  • Host a retailer or sponsor pop-up
  • Book a pop-up with a client

Consultants learn the ins and outs of doing retail business. While the assignments help them experience practical scenarios. 

Onboarding package

The consultants are supposed to purchase an initial onboarding package for $499. It is the start-up for the business. The consultants enjoy the liberty to choose any 65 pieces in stock. 

They are free to customize the start-up order. As well as consultants can pick any style/size/quantity they prefer. 

Women shopping in LuLaRoe

Point-of-sales platform

LuLaRoe has a point-of-sales platform called ‘Bless’. It’s an order management system for LuLaRoe retailers. 

Bless offers full inventory and customer management support to the consultants. Moreover, it helps them schedule pop-ups, receive payments, and get inventory updates.   

Get paid instantly

LuLaRoe provides a Debit Card to its consultants. Once a customer transaction is complete, the funds are transferred to the consultant’s Debit Card.

Work alone or build a team

Fashion consultants can either run their business all alone or build a team. There is no obligation to have a team onboard.

Minimum working hours

Consultants are free to schedule and plan their week. There is no restriction or requirement for minimum working hours. Likewise, LuLaRoe enables its retailers to run their businesses as they please.

Minimum monthly sales

Only a monthly sale of one item is mandatory for consultants to remain active. Therefore, the sale must be processed through its sales platform, Bless.

LuLaRoe shopping

Ongoing training

LuLaRoe provides ongoing training to its consultants to support their growth. Secondly, they offer tips and tricks and successful business strategies. 

Final thoughts

LuLaRoe operates as a multi-level marketing company. It onboards thousands of fashion consultants to sell their products. LuLaRoe has an easy online sign-up process. The queue time after signing up offers a unique learning experience.

Moreover, after onboarding, consultants can set up their business at a minimum cost. LuLaRoe provides complete freedom to work and provides ongoing support. 

Lastly, I hope you found this article useful. Take a look at our other articles on onboarding process examples in Real Estate Agent Onboarding Process and Instacart Onboarding Process

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