Employee Onboarding Process of a Bank

In this article, we will example employee onboarding process of the World Bank Group (WBG). The WBG has a thorough employee onboarding procedure. It ensures that new hires are fully immersed in the system.

Banking is an ever-evolving industry that requires competitive manpower. The employees ought to be adaptive and quick learners. A robust employee onboarding process is essential for a bank’s success. After all, a committed and engaged staff is necessary for seamless customer service.  

Steps of the employee onboarding process of a bank

A structured onboarding process is critical for a bank’s performance. A bank needs dedicated staff to achieve peak customer satisfaction. 

Onboarding at WBG is a six-month organized process. It comprises a series of intense and exciting activities for new joiners.

Let’s explore the steps involved in the onboarding process at WBG.

Settling in (Week 1)

On the first day, WBG gives a warm welcome to new staff members. The onboarding starts with the familiarization of the system and tools. The basic office set-up is ready upon joining for the new hire.  

Throughout the initial week, the introduction to HR platforms, documentation, and services is completed.

New employee support team (Month 1)

Key conversations take place during the first month of employment. The history, company values, vision, and mission are discussed. The HR staff, supervisors, and office buddy help employees understand the corporate culture. A complete onboarding checklist is available for employee support. 

Bank orientation (Month 2)

In orientation, employees learn about company standards and behavioral expectations. They learn to access resources and build a support network.

Moreover, the team supports new joiners with their role and office norms. Mandatory e-learning modules must be completed during this time.

  • Living our values
  • Access to information
  • Social media engagement
  • Prevention and addressing sexual harassment

The new staff learns important bank policies. For example, integrity, conflict resolution, diversity & inclusion, and ethics and business conduct.

Unit orientation (Months 1-6)

New hires learn about different units, organizational functions, and regions. They deepen their knowledge to enhance operational effectiveness.

It also includes an understanding of operational policies, developmental goals, and travel policies.  

Learning plans (Months 1-6)

The new employees discuss individual learning paths with supervisors. The discussion involves the identification of learning and training needs. 

Employee learning is vital to enriching technical, operational, behavioral, and leadership potential. 

Executive welcome (Months 4-6)

The executive welcome is a formal meeting of new employees with senior leaders. The meetup enables new hires to engage and indulge with key personnel. 

Such interactions help with the identification of challenges and roadblocks. Moreover, new staff members set their performance expectations.

New employee follow-up (Months 4-6)

At six months, supervisors provide detailed feedback.  The performance review of the new employees discusses their progress and shortcomings.

Additionally, the Overall Performance Evaluation (OPE) helps identify critical job competencies and develop learning plans.  

Final thoughts

Banking is an aggressive and fast-paced industry. Employee performance is crucial to stay ahead of the competition. Therefore, a strategic and organized employee onboarding process must be in place. 

The onboarding process of the World Bank Group is a perfect example. It typically lasts for six months and involves multiple phases. It helps new employees to fully grasp the ins-out of the bank. And that enables them to drive performance and achieve business goals.

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