Employee Onboarding in GoCo HR Software

We cannot emphasize enough on the importance of using onboarding software for for new employee onboarding process. Onboarding software is a unique technology that will help the onboarding process to automate time-intensive tasks and help in improving productivity and employee experience.

The new employees are expected to complete more than 50 tasks during their onboarding process. At times it can be very challenging for human resources to keep track of each task manually. For this purpose, it is highly recommended to use employee onboarding software or employee onboarding using mobile apps to streamline their tasks.

In this blog, we will deeply look at the onboarding software that one of the companies offers and will analyze whether organizations opt for it or not.

About GoCo

The all-in-one HR software solution company, GoCo.io, Inc., was founded in the year 2015 with the mission to help small businesses complete painful, manual, and complicated HR tasks. They believe that their dedicated customer service, flexibility, and unique automation feature can make them different from others.

Currently, it has 100,000+ happy users, a net promoter score of 70, and was rated number 1 on G2 Crowd in customer satisfaction. Moreover, they have six strong principles embedded in their service as values, that are transparency, integrity, collaborate, evolve, give first, and grit.

Who should use GoCo software

The software is designed in such a way that it caters to all the needs of small to medium size businesses or organizations.

A good employee onboarding program is incomplete without good onboarding software. GoCo offers flexible and customer driver software which can be very helpful to many organizations.

Why use GoCo Onboarding HR software

A good employee onboarding program is incomplete without good onboarding software. GoCo offers flexible and customer driver software which can be very helpful to many organizations. The following are the reasons why companies should opt for it.

Paper-free onboarding

The purpose of GoCo onboarding software is to make the workflow of hiring and onboarding paper less. They want to make sure that employers meet their new hires with a bright smiles on their faces rather than having loads of stacks of paperwork.

Improves employee experience

GoCo truly knows how crucial it is to create the first great impression. In order to provide new hires with a dream experience they have completely automated the data collected, customized each step, and also let new employees sign documents digitally.

 Creates best offer

GoCo knows that new employees need to start on the right foot. Therefore, it offers a entirely digital hiring experience that can be accessed from anywhere and can be finished in minutes. An employer can then also send the customized offer with embedded e-signature.

Handle documents digitally

Managing records for each paper can be very challenging. GoCo’s onboarding software allows you to make the employee onboarding process digital by sending, signing, and collecting documents online. It helps save time for both new employees and employer as they both can now focus on other productive tasks.

Self-service enrollment

GoCo’s software features allow the new employees to have access to calculation of costs and enrollment of benefits. The enroll benefit preview tool will let new employees see what the company has to offer. Moreover, it lets them find the right plan for their families.

GoCo's onboarding software can be best for those companies that are small to mid-sized and are looking for flexibility and great customer service.

Smooth onboarding compliance

Ensuring compliance in the process of onboarding can be costly, time-consuming, and confusing. GoCo’s onboarding software makes sure that all processes related to onboarding are fully under strict compliance.

Automate onboarding work flow

GoCo understands the onboarding workflow of each organization and then ensures that the entire process is automated and streamlined. These features grantees a good employee experience by standardizing checklists, orientation, training, and more.

Connection with ATS

GoCo’s onboarding software integrates with the organization’s applicant tracking system and helps in eliminating double entry. It further integrates with Greenhouse and JazzHR so that data collected during the interview can be put forward in the onboarding process digitally.

Payroll setup

The onboarding software makes sure that employers do not miss out on anything that needs to be set up on payroll. Moreover, it also handles benefits deductions and complex calculations.  This feature further reminds and ensures that employers have everything they to set up on payroll.

Final thought

In conclusion, GoCo’s onboarding software can be best for those companies who are small to mid-sized and are looking for flexibility and great customer service experince. It is highly recommended for organizations use onboarding software for their onboarding process.

With that being said it is also equally important to pick the right software for your onboarding process. Organizations must devote their time to identifying the right kind of software.

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