Delta Airlines Onboarding Process for New Associates

Here we will discuss the onboarding processes and examples of a leading international travel company. We’ve looked at Delta Airlines’ processes and found the easiest way to do recruitment well.

Delta Airlines is the third largest airline in the world and offers flights to more than 300 destinations in 60 countries on six continents, primarily within the US, but also serving Europe, Asia, South America, Canada, the Caribbean, and Mexico. Delta Airlines operates over 5 000 flights daily and employs more than 80 000 people.

The onboarding process for new airline employees is very careful and thoughtful. Delta Airline’s website shows different job categories, skill sets and qualifications you need to consider before applying.

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One of the oldest airlines to operate, Delta Airlines Inc., or Delta was founded 97 years ago in March 1925. Delta currently ranks 113th on Fortune 500 listing and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. We are curious to find out how the Delta airlines onboarding process goes for the new associates.

Delta Airlines Onboarding Process

There are multiple steps that go into the onboarding process of such a huge airlines company.

1. Delta Global Staffing (DGS)

Delta manages the onboarding of its new Associates through Delta Global Staffing (DGS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Delta Airlines.

It provides the new hires with a comprehensive manual to get started with the onboarding program. The complete onboarding manual is available online but let’s explore its major components to get started.

2. Associate Onboarding Manual

The Associate Onboarding Manual is a detailed document comprising everything a fresh associate needs to know for a smooth transition in the company.

It not only assists the new hires in their journey at Delta but also their managers.

3. Associate Self-Service Site

The manual contains information and access links to the Associate Self-Service Site. It is an online portal to enter and update associates’ necessary personal and contact information for future reference.

Associates are themselves responsible to update their relevant information.

4. Associate Badging

The manual contains complete guidance for registration, collection, and onward procedure in case the position requires obtaining badging for the associate.

A well-defined step-by-step process makes it easy for new associates to follow through with the badging system.

Delta Airlines Onboarding Process

5. MyDGS Associate Portal

MyDGS is another portal for associates to look out for important announcements, revised policies, and key information. It also provides access to necessary documentation and forms required from time to time.

Forms, for example, information changes, timesheets, or various reports are available on the MyDGS portal. The manual also gives instructions to set up portal registration to enhance the associate user experience of the company ecosystem.

6. Timesheets

The manual contains a comprehensive guideline on timesheet entry, submission, and approval along with helpful hints and relevant portal screenshots.

The detailed guide acts as a future reference document for timesheet-related queries and issues. 

7. Benefits and Insurance

The Associate Onboarding Manual also contains information about the benefits associates and their eligible dependents receive as part of their assignment with Delta Airlines.

Moreover, associates will further find details about various insurance plans and available options.

8. Flight Privileges

The manual has a dedicated portion where it explains flight privileges offered to associates and their eligible family members in detail.

It is though as to ensure that the associates are communicated with all company rules and policies in this regard. Relevant rules and policies for dress code, behavior, attire, emergency travel, etc. are present in the manual.

9. Location Maps and Contact Information

The manual contains vital information about headquarters and various locations and important DGS contacts for further queries and concerns. 

Final Thoughts

The rich legacy of Delta Airlines continues to grow further and stronger. Delta airlines onboarding process has a great program for new associates is one example of its attention to detail and the quality of the system.

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